A modern Pinboard app for your iPhone and iPad.
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Browse your bookmarks

Pinstachio's simple interface allows you to easily browse all your saved bookmarks in your Pinboard account.

Manage your bookmarks

Edit and tag existing bookmarks with ease.

Filter your bookmarks

Front-facing filtering options allows you to quickly see unread bookmarks, and more.

Add new bookmarks

Besides saving new bookmarks from inside the app, Pinstachio offers a share extension that lives in the iOS share sheet to easily save new bookmarks from anywhere.

Contact Support

Do you have any questions, feedback, or would like to report an issue with Pinstachio?

Pinstachio's Privacy Policy
Last updated: 2020-10-25

Briefly - Your privacy is super important. Your personal information is never collected or used other than for signing you into your Pinboard and being able to interact with its official API.

Not so briefly -

1. No personal information is ever sent outside the app to any third-party services besides Pinboard in order to enable the required functionality.

2. For crash reports and statistics, only Apple's own services are used.

3. We have no responsibility or liability for the content or activities of these third-party services. These third-party services have their own privacy policies and user agreements.

4. If you choose to contact support, your email is never shared with anyone else and is only used to reply to you.

5. By using this app, you consent to this privacy policy.

6. If this policy were to be changed at some point, this shall be reflected on the "Last updated" info at the top. For any questions, please use the contact form above.